2023-08-13 API update



One of the initial objectives of the WPVulnerability project has been to have as much information available in the most reliable way possible.

And although we are constantly working on improving many aspects, today we can announce a new milestone in this process: we have finished incorporating all WPScan vulnerabilities.

Presently, we have processed, by source:
— CVE: +10,500 vulnerabilities
— JVN: 198 vulnerabilities
— Patchstack: +13,500 vulnerabilities
— WPScan: +11,000 vulnerabilities
— Wordfence: +12,500 vulnerabilities

Using a source as if it doesn’t mean we are using their data because we try to process and normalize all the data between them.

This means we actually have:

— Plugins: 7,150 affected (22,599 vulnerabilities)
— Themes: 823 affected (1,711 vulnerabilities)

In addition to adding all vulnerabilities, and unifying them as much as possible, we are reviewing those that can be fixed over time.

Day by day, we will continue to add new vulnerabilities as they appear.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to expand and improve the internal functionality to provide even more reliable data.